Apr 2, 2013

Does Viviscal Extra Strength Work? My Comprehensive Reviews

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A woman who is struggling with hair loss, it can be difficult to figure out just what to do. This is an embarrassing topic that you may not want to talk to your doctor about, and it may actually be your hairdresser who first brings it up to you. One thing that you should note though, is that many women experience hair loss for a variety of reasons during the course of their lifetime and it is nothing to be ashamed about. The good news is that with Viviscal hair growth vitamins, you can finally do something about it.

What Is Viviscal Extra Strength?

Unlike topical treatments that are aimed primarily for men, Viviscal Extra Strength is actually a nutritional supplement that is taken in capsule form and is not put on the hair or scalp at all. What this means is that you can style your hair in a normal fashion without having to put a serum, cream, or foam on your head scalp twice a day.

How Does It Work?

The reason why Viviscal works is because it addresses the underlying issues that are causing your hair loss. For instance, many women start losing their hair during menopause, which is quite normal. Other women are prone to losing hair immediately after child birth, often as a result of the trauma that is involved, especially when there is surgical intervention.

When you take Viviscal Extra Strength, you are giving your entire body the best chance to start producing more hair into perverse they hair loss you have experience. Even if your hair loss is a result of prescription medications, including long-term use of birth control pills, or if your hair loss is the result of radiation, chemotherapy, or long term illnesses, this product may be able to help you, too.

The primary ingredient in Viviscal is a proprietary marine complex known as AminoMar, and it also contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that include vitamin C, niacin, biotin, iron, and zinc. To natural extracts – horsetail and millet seed – are also included, both of which have been proven to aid in increase hair growth.

What Are Real People Saying About Viviscal?

Many of the reviews for the Viviscal vitamins show that this product is in use by women with a wide array of hair loss issues. While you may only think of hair loss in terms of those recovering from chemotherapy, there are many other instances where this product has brought relief for women.

“My hair started to fall out around the time I was 40 and it kept getting worse. Thank goodness I found Viviscal!”

-          Patricia, TX (Testimony from company website)

“A friend of mine from work was taking this and I could see her hair was getting thicker. I tried it started seeing results within about eight weeks.”

-          Vivian, CA (Testimony from company website)

“After chemotherapy, I was really disappointed with the way my hair grew at. Thanks to Viviscal, it finally started coming in thicker and healthier.”

-          Lindsay, MN (Testimony from company website)

What Else Should You Know About this Product?

One thing that you should know about Viviscal is that the active ingredient, AminoMar, is made in part from sharks. This may sound strange, but it was part of the natural diet of the Scandinavians were studied in the research for this product, and as a result, has been included in this product. Therefore, people who are allergic or have an intolerance to fish or shellfish, as well as strict vegetarians should avoid taking Viviscal.

Where Can You Get the Best Deal?

viviscal extra strengthThe only place that you can buy Viviscal right now is either from a doctor’s office or the official website, and when you buy it online you can often find a coupon and a discounted price. Also, when you buy the Viviscal maximum strength program for three months, you will save $30 off of the original price. Another thing to keep in mind is that Viviscal does respect your privacy and bills and ships all products discreetly.

Is Viviscal Right for You?

When a woman loses her hair, whether it is just a few more strands a day than normal, or it is far more substantial, it can cause a great deal of emotional and psychological issues. Therefore, Viviscal Extra Strength is vitally important to any woman who is dealing with any level of hair loss. Viviscal was proven to work in more than 75% of all women who use this over a period of six months, however, the majority of women who have uses have started to see results in a matter of just a few weeks. So, no matter how severe your hair loss is, with Viviscal, you should be able to put an end to the hair loss and start regrowing new hair in a matter of weeks.

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May 27, 2013

Viviscal Man Review – A cure for baldness

man hair loss

Baldness has been one of the worst problems of men worldwide. It causes insecurity and low self esteem to those who are affected by it. Luckily, there is now a very effective treatment for hair growth – Viviscal Man.

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia. It is a condition in which hair loss occurs due to the underlying vulnerability of hair follicles to aggressive thinning out of hair or miniaturization.  Male pattern baldness is one of the most widespread forms of hair loss that affects up to 70% of men. Continue reading »

Apr 17, 2013

Viviscal Ingredients for Healthy Hair Growth – Is it Safe?

hair growth

The hair is the crowning glory of every individual.  When a person experiences massive hair loss, his/her confidence weakens.  Hair loss can be due to lack of nutrients, exposure to bad environment, or a life-changing event that leaves a person depressed.  And even day-to-day experiences that cause stress can contribute to hair loss.

That is why a lot of people buy hair products that promise hair growth.  Unfortunately, these products either promote only surface growth or are dangerous to the health.  They do not give what the body really needs for hair growth, which is nourishment and constant replenishment of essential vitamins and minerals. Continue reading »